Galatea Went to Fringe!

THE ALIEN CHICKEN REMEMBERS GALATEA was initially workshopped at Action/Adventure Theatre with their CAVALCADE OF AWESOME as part of the 2016 Fertile Ground Festival in Portland, Oregon. In July of 2017, Mofsec presented a working run of the revamped script, with the original cast and the aid of a talented team of Portland designers at the Back Door Theatre.

THE ALIEN CHICKEN REMEMBERS GALATEA is inspired by and in contradiction of John Lyly's pastoral comedy, GALATEA.

Lyly's GALATEA follows two maidens disguised as boys to Diana's woods, sent by their fathers to escape Neptune's monster. In the midst of danger they fall in love, not realizing their mutual secret until it's too late. With Venus' blessing they live happily ever after, despite the machinations of Nymphs, Gods and Humans alike. Mofsec's deconstruction focuses on a society that systemically sacrifices young women to Gods and their monsters; one much too similar to our own: where women have limited options for survival, none of them without a cost. Using female focused storytelling and dynamic movement Mofsec challenges their ensemble to peel back the layers of oppression, toxic masculinity and systemic violence that impact all genders.


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About mofsec

Mofsec produces creatively risky, often original, female focused work. Recognizing that their most lasting impact as an arts group is providing employment and positive process, Mofsec chooses to pay their artists a decent wage and give back to the community. Mofsec was founded by Artistic Director, Kira Atwood-Youngstrom, in 2016 with the shadow handiwork of Managing Director, Will Gebo.

Kira Atwood-Youngstrom received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from the University of Vermont in 2006 and received further training at the CIA in 2009. She has worked professionally in Portland, OR for over five years as a producer, director, stage manager, house manager, and performer. She is a founding company member of Anon it Moves, a former Associate Artist at Action Adventure Theatre, two-time Drammy Award finalist, and three-time Spotlight Award nominee. She wrote Mofsec's first production, Saying Goodbye to the Sun and will be collaborating on her next show, The Alien Chicken Remembers Galatea, with Shannon Mastel. 

Photo Credit: Kathleen Kelly